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Why Bullion? Trusted globally as a store of value

Owning Physical Bullion

Owning physical gold & silver bullion is the ultimate way to balance a client portfolio effectively, simultaneously preserving value while hedging against potential risk. Physical bullion is the one truly defensive asset – uncorrelated with all other assets – that legitimately rounds out a client portfolio while fulfilling an investment advisor’s fiduciary obligation. Physical precious metals ownership is an excellent hedge against currency fluctuations; specifically, it is an effective tool in protecting a portfolio against dollar weakness.

Why Bullion?

Liquidity Icon Highly liquid and interchangeable
Global Trust Icon Trusted globally as a store of value
Uncorrelated Icon Uncorrelated with other assets

Trading Bullion with Anthem Vault Professional

Buy & Sell Bullion

As an Investment Advisor, you simply log on to Anthem Vault Professional’s web portal, where current spot pricing can be seen and client transactions can be executed.

Efficient & Effective Transactions

All transactions at Anthem Vault Professional are executed and settled with the utmost efficiency. We lock in the price at the moment the trade takes place, and then the insured bullion is physically moved into (‘buy’) or moved out of (‘sell’) our secure cage at Brink’s vault in Montgomery, TX. Settlement typically occurs within 1-3 business days.

Bullion Compares Favorably to Other Asset Classes

Most investments are essentially a paper promise, and they can potentially lose their entire value. But precious metals have inherent value. Even if the price fluctuates, investors still own their original hard asset.

Features Bullion Other Assets
Outright ownership in a valuable physical asset
Flexible purchase amounts
No credit exposure or counterparty risk
Stored in a secure world-class vault and fully insured
Costs include the spread on purchase & sale, and storage

Unlike other assets such as ETFs, futures contracts, equities and corporate bonds, bullion does not expose investors to counterparty risk or multiple layers of vulnerability.

Start Investing In Physical Gold & Silver

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