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Benefits Earn fees, gain new hard-money clients and benefit from our precious metals expertise

Portfolio diversification involves spreading risk

While GLD and other precious metal ETFs provide an easy way to gain exposure to the gold price, they open up the investor to credit risk.

But now, there is another option​...

Owning physical bullion, with Anthem Vault as custodian, bears no credit risk, no counterparty risk, has full insurance and no SIPC limits. Title to the metal is held in the client’s name, with no counterparty between owner and custodian.

All Precious Metal Holdings
Are competitively priced via our network of refiners and dealers
Consist of ‘good delivery’ bullion bars, only from LBMA refiners
Are securely held at reputable non-bank high-security vaults
Are fully insured by Lloyds of London
Are verified daily by the vault and audited by an independent accounting firm
Are even available for immediate delivery (whole bullion bars) to your client

De-risking a portfolio with precious metal is especially crucial in today’s uncertain global financial and geopolitical environment.

Start Investing In Physical Gold & Silver

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