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Anthem Vault Professional

Allows Investment Advisor Portfolios to Shine
with Physical Gold & Silver Bullion Ownership

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Investment Portfolios

Today more than ever, Investment Advisors understand that a truly balanced portfolio must contain precious metals for the best risk/reward durability.

Gold in the Technology Age

Physical gold bullion establishes a vital core position in every investment portfolio. The Anthem Vault Professional web portal allows Investment Advisors to safely invest in physical precious metals on behalf of clients: simply, securely, reliably and at low cost.
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Portfolio Insurance for your Clients

  • Enhance portfolio balancing and hedging with a historically non-correlated hard asset
  • Appeal to clients who are attracted by the insurance aspect of precious metals ownership
  • Earn fees, gain new hard-money clients and benefit from our precious metals expertise
  • Benefit from greater liquidity (physical spot markets) than GLD and other gold ETFs
  • Comply with wealth preservation, risk tolerance and liquidity (FINRA Suitability Rule)
  • Rely on our research for market reports, industry updates, forecasts and thought leadership

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Features & Benefits

Anthem Vault's innovative and proprietary digital technology simplifies the process of buying and selling precious metals. The fully-featured and automated Master Advisor Account provides total control and multiple-level access of individual client accounts.
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A live Advisor Platform and a Contact Manager

With co-branded emails and tracking capability. Individual client logins have capital gains reporting, and the Advisor can toggle on/off a client’s own ability to buy or sell metal.

Swift, simple, seamless and time-saving online transactions
Bell Average live precious metals spot price feed
Automatically invite an unlimited number of clients via email
Single-click client signup via a co-branded email
Two-factor authentication, data encryption, daily backup and redundant data centers
No 13F filings or K1 filings, since physical precious metals are not securities

There are no account setup fees, no minimum buy or sell order amounts, and fees are only charged after metal is bought.

Why Investment Portfolios Shine with Physical Bullion

  • Trusted globally as a store of value for 5,000 years
  • Universally esteemed as the paramount monetary asset
  • Highly liquid and interchangeable with a constant ready market
  • Outright ownership of a valuable hard asset, uncorrelated with other assets
  • No credit exposure, no counterparty risk and no multiple layers of vulnerability
  • Hedges portfolios against fiat currencies and ineffective monetary policies
  • Protects purchasing power and simplifies generational wealth transfer

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